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Day Mental Wellness Programme

Temporarily Paused Due To Pandemic

Our Day Mental Wellness Programme provides an alternative to inpatient care. Day programs can act as a transitional phase for patients who, while able to leave inpatient care, are not ready
to function without support.

Day Programs are a viable option for long-term management of persons with chronic mental conditions. There are also several elderly persons with mild and moderate degrees of dementia and depression who can be cared for by their families quite well, but who are seen as a burden resulting in the elderly person being placed in institutions. Our Day Mental Wellness
can alleviate this burden on the family, for example in allowing members to go to work or to get on with their ordinary household tasks. It also provides social stimulation and offers a welcome relief from an otherwise aimless existence.

Support can be provided on a short, medium or on a long term basis. The ultimate aim is to re-integrate an individual back into their community or a work environment. 


• Mental Wellness
• Neurocognitive Rehabilitation
• Memory Problems
• Attention & Concentration problems
• Intellectual difficulties 

Daily Program 

• Group Therapy
• Arts & Craft
• Physical activities
• Relaxation/ Mindfulness
• Neuro rehabilitation
• Preparation of food
• Skills development
• Music therapy 


1 day per week R1500 p/m
2 days per week R2500 p/m
3 days per week R3500 p/m
4 days per week R4500 p/m
5 days per week R6000 p/m

Terms & Conditions

Once off registration fee
Neuropsychological assessment priced at R5000 (optional)

Functional Capacity assessment priced at R4000 (optional)

Career assessment (optional)

Individual psychotherapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, medical services, biokineticist charged according to medical aid/practitioner rates.